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Circumstantial Beginnings

Ultimate Office® was started largely due to circumstance in 1990. A friend of mine invited me to visit him in Switzerland and accompany him to an office products show in Germany. Every year Frankfurt, Germany hosts the largest office products show in the world, and as I walked through the aisles I was amazed by the design, quality, and the form and function of the products on display.  It was clear that these European manufacturers were more focused on creating superior solutions than they were on price, and new ideas were almost everywhere.

Reference Organizer

I came upon a product that was really quite simple, but one I had never seen before.  It had clear plastic pockets with rigid frames and pins on the top and bottom of one side. These clear plastic pockets would be used to display any frequently referenced information while the pins enabled these pockets to be placed in metal wall plates or in desk units. Finally, I thought, a solution to all the sheets of paper that were tacked and taped to the wall by my desk. If I had such contempt for this eyesore, plus the added frustration of not being able to find what I was looking for, certainly there were many others that would appreciate this solution as well. The gentlemen at the booth informed me that his company had no distribution in the United States and the rest, as they say, "is history."

New Ultimate Solutions

My instincts were correct, and it was not long before Ultimate Office® was selling hundreds of Reference Organizers every day, and as we grew we began looking for additional product solutions to design and sell. Every product meeting at Ultimate started with an idea. We were always searching for a solution where one did not exist, and we were constantly looking for ways to make the everyday, ordinary office product not just better, but Ultimate. It had to be the very best at organizing, the very best at saving our customers time, and the very best at making workplaces more fun, efficient and productive places to be.

Ultimate's team of engineers, designers, customer service representatives and support staff all became a part of the new product research and development team. Together, we used and examined everyday office products with two questions in mind: how can we make this product better, and how can we improve it to save our customers time and money?

Just A Few Examples

Best Built BindersFor the next 18 years, Ultimate Office thrived and with the support of a quickly growing customer base we were able to bring new and innovative office solutions to market.

We created PocketFile™ File Folders that are translucent for fast content identification, made of polypropylene so that they protect documents, are reusable and sealed on two sides so file contents will not fall out.

PocketFiles in a PortaFile project box

We designed BestBuilt™ Binders that have injection-molded covers that will not tear or split, elliptical rings that will never gap, large index areas for quick identification and indentations on the spine to make the binder easily accessible from anywhere.

Ultimate built PortaFile® File Jackets and Expanding Files that have color-coded rings and finger holes for easy access, sewn silicone rubber gussets that will always keep their shape, and clear front panels for fast file content identification.


Ultimate became most famous for our MagniFile® Hanging Files that have thick plastic support bars that will not bend or break, built-in plastic-reinforced bases, and full-length 11" magnified indexes that double the size of your file titles for fast file identification and retrieval.

Perhaps our most popular new product introductions were our WoodWorx™ and SteelWorx™ Modular Desktop Storage Systems that let the customer design their very own solutions to meet their requirements, while at the same time enabling them to add on or rearrange these components as their needs change… which they always do.

Refillable notebooks (Jotz™), easy-to-update magnetic write-on planners (Modular Monthly Boards), space saving literature displays (cascading), high-density filing (Binder Carousels), and the list went on and on.  And behind every new product design there was always the objective of creating superior quality and sustainability - solutions that our customers could buy once and use over and over again. This is why SteelWorxthick polypropylene, sewn edges, and silicone rubber gussets can be found in all of our filing products.  All WoodWorx™ products are manufactured from durable MDF (not particle board), and finished with genuine wood veneer. The components of our SteelWorx Stacking Storage Systems are all precision-manufactured from 19-gauge steel and thick rubber bushings for a perfect stack every time. Quite simply, if it was not Ultimate quality, you would not find it at Ultimate Office®.

We welcome you to come and discover the one and only, Ultimate Office®, where it is "Easier than ever to Organize Now."

Best Regards Always,

Craig W. Nelson 
Ultimate Office