StationMate® 5-Compartment Desktop Organizer PLUS+ 25, 5th-Cut PocketFiles™

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Good luck trying to find what you need in this pile. Make your life easier and your day more productive with Ultimate's StationMate Desktop Organizer.
Organize the Piles of Folders that Clutter Your Desk!

  • Unique cascading design allows clear visibility and easy access to each file
  • Perfect desktop organizer for managing projects
  • Freestanding, cascading design allows you to position the file anywhere
  • Five compartments organizer up to 25 Project Files
  • Organize files, schedules, forms, receipts, bills and more.
  • Constructed from impact-resistant plastic, StationMate withstands years of use
  • Unit measures 13"w x 9 3/8"h x 10 3/4" d
  • Includes 25, 5th-cut PocketFile Project Files in assorted colors
  • Transparent, color-coded polypropylene files gives clear view of file contents
  • White adhesive labels allow quick file identification.

  • ULTIMATE PLUS+ Includes 25, 5th-cut PocketFiles to make organizing easy.

    Product Dimensions: 13"w x 9 3/8"h x 10 3/4" d Desktop StationMate saves time by organizing up to twenty-five included PocketFiles in five cascading compartments set at a slight angle.

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    Business Office Manager


    I have been using the Station Mate to organize my offices for the past 10 years and I can't IMAGINE my life without it!